Mosaic Projects

Rosie (Window Surround)| Private Home, Napa, CA

Exterior window surround using Evy + Morrie Warshawski’s beloved ceramic flower collection, all broken in the 2014 Napa earthquake. They donated 10x this much to the Napa Quake Mosaic but asked me to save out these pieces to create this personal memento for their backyard. Evy had been collecting these colorful, ceramic pieces for decades but lost about half of her treasures in the earthquake. Now they are given a second life for her to enjoy in a whole new way. All photos by Infinity Visuals

Commercial Pizza Oven  |  Ca'Momi Osteria, Napa, CA 

Octopus design on a 60sf industrial pizza oven in the restaurant's open kitchen.

Ca'Momi Pizza Oven + Wood RGB.jpg