Auction Napa Valley + COOL School Annual Block Bash

In one day we were able to work with new members of the community in two special workshops.

First we worked with Nimbus Arts to create an art activity for the winner of an Auction Napa Valley 2017 lot hosted by Vineyard 29 and Napa Valley Vine Trail. We had about 20 folks, mostly vintners and wine collectors, come to the Westin to create sections of the mosaic. They had just biked a section of the Vine Trail and were about to see RAD Napa and continue wine tasting.

One participant said they hadn't done anything creative like this in a long time and wanted to bring art making back into their lives. A few others admitted they didn't think they were going to like the process but after they tried it, they really enjoyed it and found it soothing and challenging.





Later that afternoon, we had an activity booth at the Annual COOL School Block Bash + Fundraiser at Shearer Elementary School. COOL School offers awesome afterschool programming to Napa Valley Unified School District students.

We were able to connect with lots of local families who were also new to the project and were excited to contribute.