Tile Mania

I have ordered a lot of tiles to make the samples. A LOT of tiles. Thousands of tiles - mostly glass. And mostly from Mosaic Art Supply and Mosaic Trader USA, both great suppliers I'd recommend.

Shipping tiles is expensive and because many come in sheets, they must be peeled/ torn/ cut/ or soaked off their mesh or paper backings. So this was my night time job, done at the kitchen table.

9-5 Piles of Tiles.jpg

Band Aids

So far, I have gone through a box of Band Aids. But that's what you get for playing with broken glass all day. 

In my dad's workshop first aid kit, I found one of those really old ones that had the red thread to help you open the package. The adhesive was pretty crummy and came off an hour later, but it got me through the rest of the afternoon.